June is an exhibition platform taking place during Basel Art Week.

It gives galleries a chance to exhibit special projects in Basel outside the setting of existing fairs.

June is collectively organized by 15 international galleries working at the forefront of contemporary art. It serves to compliment the fairs taking place during Basel Art Week, offering a different mode of viewing, speed and pace of reception.

June is a platform to promote the work of emerging artists and for rediscovering more established figures. It is an intergenerational example of galleries radically rethinking existing options and working together to create their own flexible institutions and situations.

The vast majority of participants in June are presenting their programs in Basel for the first time, including Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles; Misako & Rosen, Tokyo and Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis.

The event is open to the public, less than a two-minute walk from Art Basel and takes place in a building that formerly hosted the gallery Freymond-Guth Fine Arts.